Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

We were at the Colonial Hills easter egg hunt down the street from our house. The last time we went to this hunt it started snowing on us...right here in Tyler.

Rylee, Madison Murphy, & Maggie.
Maddie won the raffle in her age division and got a gift card to Target. She was super excited.

Rylee and Friends at Oak Tree. This was taken during their Easter Party. Looks like there are no girls in her class, I just didn't think to get their pictures.

Mrs. Sandy Zhiranek, Rylee, and Peyton. Mrs. Sandy is a great teacher. Rylee says she likes her because she is pretty and "is always smiling". Rylee also adores Mrs. Sandy's daughter Zoe, who is a year younger.

This year we had our playgroup at our house for the Easter party. It was alot of fun! Everyone brought food to share and we hid the eggs while the kiddos played. The weather was wonderful that day as you can see from this pic.

Rylee loved hunting eggs, she could never wait so she usually peeked...

What a great smile~

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