Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spa Birthday Party!

We celebrated Maggie's 7th birthday a couple of weeks ago with a spa birthday party. We had eleven little girls come to our house to do facials, pedicures, and crafts. I think the girls had alot of fun. A big thanks to all the women in our family who painted toenails, made oatmeal face masks, and applied cucumbers! Whew!!!!

10 Things I Love About Maggie Are:
1. Her compassion toward others
2. She loves to learn & read
3. Beautiful Smile
4. Great walking partner
5. Will try all new foods & likes alot of different stuff
6. Good Friend
7. Fun to shop with
8. Her simple faith
9. Very helpful with Reese
10. Trustworthy


Melissa said...

What a fun party! Those girls are so cute, especially your girls! You are such a cool mom!

awesome reimers 365 said...

jordan had a blast at the party, ya'll did such a great job...see ya this weekend at jordans party

Rosemond said...

What a fun party! We may steal that idea in a few years!

PILCHERS said...

oh jaici was just looking at your blog with me and she said who are all those pretty girls?? oh how i wish ya'll could've stayed here...she is trapped here with all these boys...but your girls are beautiful and i am so glad i found ya'll on here!!

R. Patton said...

What delightful things I miss out on, having boys and all. What a great idea.. hmmm... maybe grown-up girls need a party like that!