Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Atlanta Georgia Trip

These pictures are of Rylee and I in Atlanta, GA. We went with Matt for business and had a wonderful time. Reese and Maggie stayed with mom in Tyler, Maggie had school & Reesie had therapy.
Pictures in front of New World of Coca-Cola Museum. Rylee thought this was a really neat place, she got to sample coke products from Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc...I think our favorite was the pinenut soda from Africa, sounds strange but actually pretty yummy!

What's with the scary face???

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Jordan said...

CUTE!!! I can't believe Maggie is already taking piano lessons! I miss those girls. Sounds like y'all had fun in Atlanta. I wish I was able to come down for the Yamboree too. I miss yall!